Friday, February 27, 2009

Featured in Great Green Goods!

GreatGreenGoods is a shopping blog. Everything featured there is created from recycled materials . Owner Liz Hincks says: "we find the ordinary as well as the unusual eco-friendly products created from previously used resources."
Liz found me on Etsy the day of my grand opening! And this is what she wrote in her GreatGreenGoods blog:

Made by artist Laura Astor from recycled coke and pepsi bottles, this wearable art is creative and inspiring. It is versatile, too, since the translucent nature of the recycled plastic gives the pieces new life depending on the colors and textures that are put behind them. Bold and bright, perfect for a taste of spring. Check out her blog for more adventures in recycled PET (Polyethylene terephthalate for the brainiacs in the room.)
Here is the link to this page:
Please visit They are making our way to the eco-friendly stuff so much easier as they take the pains to find the good products and put them all in the "storefront" for us to see. So please don't wait and pay a visit to GreatGreenGoods, they deserve a click and more.

Thanks Liz for my entry!

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